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Onboarding: 3 Steps to Success

Employee onboarding is one the most important 'first impressions' your new team member will have. The experience should set new hires up for success. However, many companies fail to allocate adequate time or resources to provide a quality induction process, leaving new starters feeling anxious about the journey ahead. 

How you design your new hire experience matters in more ways than one. When you consider that 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment, it is unsurprising that retention is a key factor. High turnover is a significant expense for employers and it is worth every effort to reduce and limit it. The best way to do that is by making new employees feel welcome and prepared for their jobs with a robust onboarding program. A quality program can shift retention considerably - 69% of employees who feel good about the onboarding process are likely to stay.

Not only are employees more likely to stick around, but they are also 21%...

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Why Employee Advocacy Matters to Your Business


Brand advocacy isn’t a new idea. For years brands have been using their network of customers and connections to help raise awareness and expand reach across their social channels. This approach is extremely successful - according to statistics, 92% of online consumers trust recommendations that come directly from their social circles. With such strong statistics, brands have evolved and realised their best advocates can be found closer to home – their employees. 


Employee advocacy is one of the most effective ways to build brand trust, attract talent and even generate leads for your business. Your employees are your greatest fans and you can empower them to develop awareness through their own network on social media. Employees can share company news, discuss their professional achievements, share their expertise and industry insights - raising the brand profile immensely.

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